Jessi Smiles

Jessi Smiles, aka Jessica Vazquez, is a social media star and comedic video creator of Cuban-American origin. She is a finalist for the 9th Shorty Awards in the category of “YouTube Comedian.”

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1 How old is Jessi Smiles?2 How much is Jessi Smiles’s Net Worth?3 Is Jessi Smiles in a relationship?4 How tall is Jessi Smiles?5 Career line of Jessi Smiles

How old is Jessi Smiles?

Jessi Smiles was born on August 17, 1993, in Miami, Florida. Jessica Vazquez is her real name. She is an American nationality with the sun sign of Leo. Furthermore, she is 27 years old. Her parents divorced when she was a baby. Her father, Rubin, works for AT&T as a technician. After her mother Christina married, she and her brother Joey moved in with her stepfather Joe Ferrero, a TV and radio personality. She has three stepbrothers. One of her brothers is autistic. She homeschooled her senior year.

According to Jessi Smiles, high school was the most perplexing time of her life. She frequently makes inappropriate jokes, resulting in misunderstandings for everyone. She even had bouts of depression, for which she had to go through therapy where she was clear that she needed medication. She was diagnosed with anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, and oppositional defiant disorder at a very young age. Jessi Smiles was always curious about different things as she grew up, and her hobby shifted from becoming a ballerina to becoming a basketball player, among other things. In fact, her hobbies used to change frequently, and she couldn’t commit to anything for an extended period of time.

How much is Jessi Smiles’s Net Worth?

Jessica Vazquez is a social media personality and the owner of the YouTube channel JessiSmiles. She is worth $100,000, according to her estimated net worth. Her content consists primarily of her telling insane stories about her life and everything in between. Her YouTube career contributes to her net worth. Furthermore, she has had some success as a singer and songwriter since her first single, “What If I,” reached the top of the iTunes charts.

Is Jessi Smiles in a relationship?

Jessi Smiles eventually found herself in a series of “dysfunctional” romantic relationships. Her relationship with Viner Curtis Lepore, on the other hand, was a romantic one. After a few days of meeting, they began dating and then broke up. She met her fiance Nassim by chance outside of a gay club in Los Angeles. They instantly fell in love and began cohabiting. She recently announced that they are engaged and that she is expecting a child.

When she was a teenager, she left her parents to live with her first boyfriend after her parents did not approve of the relationship. Unfortunately, her boyfriend ended their relationship, making it her worst memory. The YouTuber also drew a lot of ire after an ugly break-up with Curtis Lepore, following a brief but public romance. She claimed that her ex-boyfriend, Viner Curtis Lepore, raped her while she was sleeping. The rape charges were soon dropped after Lepore pleaded guilty to felony assault. After one year, the charges were reduced to a misdemeanor.

How tall is Jessi Smiles?

Jessi stands 5 feet 8 inches tall. Her eyes are blue and her hair is blonde. Jessi also has lovely light brown eyes and brown hair. She has a perfect and curvy figure, as well as a stunning face. Furthermore, information on her body weight, dress size, shoe size, and body measurements are still missing.

 Career line of Jessi Smiles

Jessi Smiles began working as a makeup artist as a teenager and discovered the Vine platform, which suited her sense of humor. She quickly gained popularity on Vine by posting funny videos. By the time she had 5,000 followers. One of her Vine videos made it to the “popular” page, exposing her to a wider audience.This also resulted in an increase of her followers by a factor of two. In just one month, she accumulated one million followers. She also made friends with other famous artists, such as Viner and Curtis Lepore, who were interested in her work.They soon began working together on Vines. She eventually gained 3.6 million Vine followers before leaving the platform for personal reasons. She began specializing in that area on her YouTube channel, which now has over 680K subscribers. She now posts makeup tutorials, challenge videos, vlogs, story-time videos, and other content.She has collaborated with several other YouTubers. Jessi also played Joan of Arc in the episode “Miley Cyrus vs Joan of Arc” of the web series “Epic Rap Battle of History.”She is also a singer-songwriter, having released the singles “What If I?” and “Bitch, Please!” on her YouTube channel and on iTunes. In the “Storytime” videos, she frequently shares hilarious stories about herself with her fans, including sometimes embarrassing things she had to do while drunk.Most of her videos contain details about her personal life, such as romantic relationships and sexual exploits, which can make her family members uncomfortable.However, realizing her difficult journey to where she is now, they must support her in her endeavors and occasionally appear in her videos.She has worked with a variety of brands, including Wendy’s, Boost Mobile, and American Eagle Outfitters. JessiSmiles is a finalist in the category of “YouTube Comedian” in the 9th Shorty Awards. She’s already a well-known YouTuber. There is no doubt that she will advance and achieve more in the future.