Who is Missy Rothstein? Facts of Ex-wife of Bam Margera, Net Worth, Parents, Height, Personal Life

Who is Missy Rothstein? Facts of Ex-wife of Bam Margera, Net Worth, Parents, Height, Personal Life

Despite being American model and photographer, Melissa Rothstein well-known due to her relationship with Bam Margera, a well-known American pro-skateboarder and stuntman. They duo got married but had to divorce so, Melissa popular as celebrity ex-wife.

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1 Education & Parents of Missy Rothstein2 Married Life Between Missy Rothstein & Bam Margera3 Reason for Missy Rothstein & Bam Margera Divorce4 How Missy Rothstein & Bam Margera Met?5 Missy Rothstein Life After Divorce6 What’s Missy Rothstein Net Worth?7 Where is Missy Rothstein Now?8 Missy Rothstein’s Height & Body Features9 Career & Facts of Missy Rothstein

Education & Parents of Missy Rothstein

Born to parents Marian Rothstein (mother) whose father info missing on on June 3, 1980. Her birth place is Springfield, Pennsylvania along birth sign Gemini. Her birth name is Melissa Ann Rothstein. Missy has an American nationality and is of white ethnicity.

She enrolled at Chester High School located in Chester, Pennsylvania. Then she joined Pennsylvania State University located in Pennsylvania. From the University, Missy obtained a bachelor’s degree in Communication.

Married Life Between Missy Rothstein & Bam Margera

Before their marriage, Missy and Bam had met many years then only entered into a romantic relationship. In the year 2005, they got engaged dating for several years. Missy Rothstein made Bam Margera,her husband officially on 3 February 2007.

The duo lavish wedding ceremony held at Loews Hotel located in downtown Philadelphia. Also, 350 guests were invited including friends and family in their lavish wedding. Ban featured on LA Ink speaking about the wedding with his tattoo artist friend Kat Von D

Soon after their marriage, they had a lovely honeymoon in Dubai. Missy and Bam appeared happy and their marriage seemed blissful. Also, they didn’t shared any kids from their married life.

Reason for Missy Rothstein & Bam Margera Divorce

After 2 years of marriage, their marriage life started having problems. In the year 2009, the duo even went on marriage counseling after her husband Bam’s hospitalization for alcohol abuse. Also, he went on a four-day alcoholic bender that made him severely “dehydrated”.

Then the television personality Margera had kidney and leg muscles mess from not eating or drinking enough water. Later he said,

He told TMZ at that time that his wife

Bam also put on antidepressant Lexapro to try and control his mood swings. He was admitted to Howard Stern in October 2010 during at time they were living apart. Even Bam said he had

Unfortunately, Missy and Bam marriage was officially over with divorce on the 1st of November 2012.

How Missy Rothstein & Bam Margera Met?

Missy Rothstein and Bam Margera are childhood friend who study in the same school. They were school and college classmate. During at time, they were just friends.

In the mid- 2000s, Missy and Bam met again then helped her acquire a few acting engagements. Then only, they started dating each other. They got notice after featured in the television reality show ‘Bam’s Unholy Union”.

Missy Rothstein Life After Divorce

Missy Rothstein has been living a low profile life after the divorce. Also, she hasn’t disclosures about the divorce agreement. However, her ex-husband Bam went ahead and started dating Nicole Boyd.

Their romance turns into marriage and living a blissful married life since 2013. However, she was happy after the divorce and had tweeted that she is free now. Also, she had celebrated the milestone with a divorce party.

What’s Missy Rothstein Net Worth?

Missy Rothstein net worth estimated around $1 Million collected out of her multiple career. She has been working as actress, model, and photographer. So, Missy might be earning average salary for her working in the entertainment industry.

However, her former husband Bam Margera net worth estimated over $20 Million. Out of his multiple professional career such as actor, producer, stunt man, and former professional skater, Bam earned hefty sum of money.

Where is Missy Rothstein Now?

Missy Rothstein is living in Los Angeles, California while hiding her life. Also, she has been busy in career.

Missy Rothstein’s Height & Body Features

Following are the body features of Missy Rothstein

Missy Rothstein Height: 5 feet 8 inches or 1.7m tall.Missy Rothstein Weighs: 63 Kg or 138 pound.Hair Color: Dark BrownEye Color: Light Hazel

Career & Facts of Missy Rothstein

Missy is a cat lover who has pets two named Trouble and Mischief.According to reports, she has two siblings sisters Amanda has downs syndrome, Jessica has Lyme disease.Missy lives in Los Angeles, California as per different reports.She aspired to be a model as a young girl but dropped the dream and choose to venture into acting.In the year 2003, her acting career started after playing the role of Beth in the comedy-romance movie Haggard.Film Haggard was written and directed by her former husband Bam Margera.Missy did numerous cameos in the reality television series Viva La Bam in the following years.Also, she starred in the MTV reality show titled Bam’s Unholy Union as well.Missy was even approached by the Playboy magazine to pose nude with her former husband as a guest photographer.Missy was cast in the original film Where the #$&% Is Santa? in the year 2008.Also, she featured in a music video for the rock band CKY.She became part of a comedy film, Minghags as Sorority Chick / Hot Nurse.